My Personal Manifesto

This is my personal manifesto. I read it every day before going to work. It focuses my mind by reminding me of my priorities. It is a medium through which my present self can correspond with my future self. It helps me work towards something I believe in, towards living a meaningful life. I call it ‘The Happy Doers Manifesto’.


I fail. I fail again. I dance about it and fail better. I am more successful for having failed. I (at least try to) embrace uncertainty. I trust my gut. I get lost and find myself. I am never in my comfort zone. I am daring. I bypass my fears to move on with doing good. I open my mind, heart and arms to new things and people. I am bold. I prosper through adversity. Above all, I never give up on myself.


I am never finished. I am a change maker. If I don’t like something, I change it. I love my work. I make my own path. I get things done. I shun the non-believers, even when they are only in my head. I am a linchpin. I raise the bar. I make things happen, every day. I take it one step at a time. I leverage everything. I never stop learning from others. I work hard and play harder. Above all, I do what I love and I do it often.


I dream big. I travel, eat and smile often. I follow maps to their edges and keep going. I spend quality time with my family. I live my dreams and share my passions. I ask random persons what their passion is. I cherish my Allies of Glory. I listen and help others. I am in awe of life, the world and my part in it. I am thankful. I read and write. I make sure that my life, my message to the world, is inspiring. Above all, I am my own hero.


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