It Is Definitely Worth It

Many people of my kind – the crazy ones, the misfits,the linchpins, the change makers – have a certain disdain for big corporations and ‘the system’. However, solving the world’s most pressing needs and the critical challenges we are currently facing increasingly requires the business, government and non-profit sectors to work together to create lasting and impactful solutions. Getting these sectors to collaborate is only possible if leaders within institutions are able to engage and collaborate across all three sectors. In particular, getting the business sector to work with the others is only possible if people working for these companies are willing to go way beyond their basic job description and are able to combine business success with social concerns.

I consider myself both an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur. And let me tell you this, the latter requires much more guts. The reason why I decided to become both is that as much as I want to change the world, I don’t have enough power – yet. And if we ask ourselves who does has it, well… I am guessing you already know the answer.

Whether we like it or not, big corporations run the world and I strongly believe that in order to create massive change in the next eight to ten years we need to leverage their capabilities, networks and resources. Change must be generated from the inside. This way, one day, the big companies will be run by amazing people – like you and me – that are all about making this world a better place for the future generations.

As entrepreneurs we can create new economies, new markets, new companies and even new ‘systems’. But, we can’t expect the current systems to change if we don’t help them achieve the changes we are all hoping to see one day through intrapreneurship. Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe the world needs entrepreneurs and small innovative businesses to disrupt markets. Moreover, small and growing companies are needed to create new jobs and innovations. However, we live in a highly-connected world empowered by global communications in which corporations possess massive power and influence. We can’t think of big corporations as enemies, but rather as (very) stubborn partners.

So what is needed for a professional who has good ideas and wants to become a successful social intrapreneur? Well, I’m still trying to figure that out. I will share with you as much as I learn in my journey to changing the world. Nevertheless, one thing I can tell you is that it does requires doing the (extra) work and an ability to connect different relationship standards, profiles and departments. This might be not easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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